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AMD FreeSync Laptops Coming Soon

AMD issued a press release today touting an increase in notebook market traction specifically tied to its 6th Generation AMD PRO A-Series mobile processors. The company was short on figures, but did note a strengthened relationship with HP. In particular, AMD pointed to HP's 14-inch ProBook 645 and 15.6-inc ProBook 655 as examples of cost-effective and capable solutions for businesses.
"We are pleased to continue strengthening our relationship with HP through the latest HP ProBook design wins," said Jim Anderson, senior vice president and general manager, Computing and Graphics Business Group at AMD. "We've seen positive consumer and commercial response to our 6thGeneration A-Series processors and the recent announcements by HP, along with AMD technology adoption by global companies and the popularity of AMD systems during the holiday season, help confirm the strength of our product."
It's sort of a strange press release that amounts to a lot of high-fiving between AMD and HP, though reading between the lines, AMD seems to be saying that it's not conceding the laptop market to Intel. That might not be obvious to casual observers who've only or mostly seen mention of Intel's Skylake architecture in laptops, but even so, AMD isn't waving the white flag.
The release wasn't totally absent of numbers, either—AMD points out that global facilities provider ISS recent equipped employees with HP EliteBooks powered by AMD PRO A-Series processors. ISS is home to over half a million employees spread across 77 countries.

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