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Mythlogic's Powerful Deimos 1615S

Mythlogic is another custom builder providing an alternative to mainstream brands, and they just released a new machine -- the powerful Deimos 1615S.

The Mythlogic Deimos 1615S is gaming laptop with plenty of configuration options. Depending on your budget, it can be a mid-range system with a corresponding price tag, or it can be a cutting-edge game machine, bristling with the latest hardware.

Mythlogic Deimos 1615S Gaming Laptop Review and Specs
Displays are important for any laptop, but gamers are exceptionally picky about their screens and will probably choose the 15.6-inch (3840x2160) QFHD display option, which is what Mythlogic selected for our test system. If you’re fine with 1920x1080, you can save $95 by going with the FHD option.

Both display options feature G-Sync support for the two GPU options: the Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M and GTX 980M. Our system arrived with the GTX 980M, which ought to put it near the top of the game benchmark scores in our comparisons. Mythlogic offers custom color calibration as well, which is a nice touch that makes sense for a high-end system like this.

The powerful GPU is paired with an equally impressive Intel Core i7-6700K with base CPU i5-6400 processor. As with the display and graphics card, that Core i7-6700K is the best of the options Mythlogic offers for the Deimos 1615s. Mythlogic also packed 16GB of memory into the system, along with a smoking-hot Samsung 950 Pro Series SSD. There's room for a second SSD, should you want one. Mythlogic offers tons of hard drive and SSD options in its online config tool for the Deimos 1615S.

There are several features that make the Deimos 1615S a gamer-friendly laptop, but – aside from the GTX 980M – one of the more noteworthy has to be the Killer networking, which is a gamer-centric network solution, that offers intelligent sharing between wired and wireless connections should you choose to use it. When you have an Ethernet connection, you’ll be plugging the cord into a Killer Gigabit port. Connect wirelessly and you’ll be using the Killer Wireless-AC 1535. Both are designed to prioritize your game traffic for a better experience.

For audio, the Deimos 1615S has two 2-watt speakers and a subwoofer, complemented by Creative’s Sound Blaster X-FI MB5.

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