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New DisplayPort 1.4 Specs shows Impressive Compression Ratio with Support for 8K Resolution

The specifications for DisplayPort version 1.4 have now been finalized, marking the first update to the standard since 2014. It adds support for 8K resolutions operating at 60Hz, and 4K up to 120Hz, as well as improved audio and support for VESA’s Display Stream Compression 1.2 technology.

The 8K resolution support will probably be the most attention grabbing of the new specifications, as some see it as the next display technology they’ll jump to after 1080P, leapfrogging 4K entirely. The increased refresh rate for 4K will be welcome by monitor manufacturers, though, who would love another reason to sell a display upgrade to deep-pocketed gamers.

Indeed, they will need plenty of scratch if they want to be an early adopter, as early 8K televisions have cost in excess of $100,000. As 4K pricing has shown, that is likely to quickly tumble in the years to come.

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