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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Rumours and Speculations

galaxy note 6

There are hot rumors that Samsung will give you upcoming Note 6 with 16-core Chip with superior sound quality. You will feel it like gaming pc. It will be the first Smartphone from Note series to get the latest version of android by default. So you will experience all the latest feature from Android. 
Over the past months there has been rumours like these about ideas and features we may see in the Note 6.

Here is a round up of all these rumours as we try to make sense of it all

  • Galaxy note 6 may be launched early in August 2016

Samsung may decide to release their upcoming Note6 in 2nd week of August instead of September  as they may not want it to clash with the launch of the iPhone 7 which may arrive between September and November. so as to get more exposure and market shear. We all know that the recently released Galaxy S7 was a big success for the korean company, as there was no new iPhone to compete with it. There are also hot rumors that Samsung will release Galaxy Note6 in European countries too so as to increase sales number and to reach out to the global market.

  • Galaxy Note 6 Will Come With a Larger Display

Samsung's Note series have had screen sizes ranging from 5.3 in the original Note to 5.7" used in the last three generations.  While it seems that Samsung has found the best screen size for their Note series, There is also a rumour suggesting that the Note 6 will have a slightly larger 5.8-inch display for the Note 6. Resolution may still be the same QHD used in the Note 5 and Note 4 or we may see an bump up to 4k 6" Super AMOLED display.

  • The Note 6 could have a whopping 6GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage.

According to a rumor posted on a Chinese blog, there may be a crazy 6GB of RAM for the Note 6 to use. This news also comes several months after Samsung announced being able to produce smartphones that feature 6GB of RAM on a single chip.
The company has also started mass production of 256GB UFS 2.0 memory chips. Samsung may be planning to use these chips in the note 6 as a massive marketing strategy. So, we can expect upcoming Note 6 with upto 256GB in-build memory. This could also mean that the Note 6 may not come with an SD card support.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Will Come With Android N Out of the Box.

Again, this is a rumor that we can’t verify, so take it with a grain of salt. The Note 6, may run Android N out of the box. this is quite possible when you think of it, considering Google surprised everyone when it released the Developer Preview for the upcoming Android version early. Google also said it hopes to finish and hand off Android N to manufacturers in the summer — which means it’s easily in the realm of possibility that the Galaxy Note 6 could be one of the first phones to come equipped with Android’s latest operating system.

  • Processor and Camera

Going by the history of the Galaxy Note Series, their cameras and processor have always been better than their Galaxy S counterparts (with the exception of the Note 5 and S6). So following that trend, the CPU might be the same as the Galaxy S7 since  Samsung is known to use the best available CPUs for their flagship offerings.  Unless something better turns up from either Snapdragon or Samsung. The camera will also be the same 12 MP as the one in the S7 but with a "Super OIS Plus" tagline.
** Update: new information suggests that galaxy note 6 will be powered by Snapdragon 823 chipset

And once again these are all speculations based on rumours flying around the internet
We’ll keep our ears to the ground and let you know as we learn more about the next Galaxy Note.

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