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AMD Launches Radeon Pro Duo WIth 8GB HBM and $1500 Price

AMD has officially launched Radeon Pro Duo which is a dual gpu monster with two full-fledged Fiji GPUs having a total of 8196 stream processors and 8GB HBM (memory). The worthy successor to the powerful R9 295X2 prominently features FireRender (for GPU scaling) and LiquidVR – which is AMD’s purpose built platform for VR content. The dual-GPU monster has an MSRP of $1500 and should be available for purchase right now.

The card is housed in a multi-piece aluminum and nickel casing with a glowing LED Radeon logo. The board houses a dual BIOS switch for software redundancy and features closed loop liquid coolers from Cooler Master. The radiator cooling down the twin GPUs present on the board is a 120mm Nidec unit. The graphics card requires a whopping 3 8-pin connector array for a power consumption of 350 Watts (which is pretty decent considering a single Fury X sips around 275W). The on-board memory is of course 8GB of HBM. According to the marketing material provided by AMD the card is 1.5x faster than a Geforce GTX Titan X (which is a single GPU based graphics card) and 1.3x faster than the older R9 295X2 it succeeds.

As far as benchmarks go, the GPU scores an easy 11 on the Steam VR bench and while most reviews aren’t up yet, preliminary benchmarks are very hopeful. AMD has been focusing on power efficiency with the Radeon Pro Duo and this is readily apparent in the official benchmarks. The 8GB worth of High Bandwidth Memory especially shine in high resolutions like 4K where the 4096 bus width starts to make a difference. AMD has also been working on GPU scaling, which thanks to its FireRender technology is as high as 1.7x (in professional environments).

AMD Radeon Pro Duo specification compared to R9 Fury and R9 Nano (from


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