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Apple's Latest Tablet Gets the Teardown Treatment: With Low Repairability Score

The guys at iFixit did a complete teardown of the new iPad 9.7 (they have done this to every major phone or tablet out there).
The iPad Pro 9.7" is hard to open and requires a lot of patience and heating , and once open you still have to deal with a lot of glue and screws holding different components together.The largest component, naturally, is the battery. In this iPad Pro it has a rating of 27.91 Whr (7,306mAh), which is slightly better than the iPad Air 2's 27.62 Whr.

With he large amount o work needed to even open the back of the iPad 9.7", its not surprising that ifixit gave the slate a repairability score of 2/10 (10 being the easiest to repair).

The fused front panel is one of the components that will be most expensive to fix and carries the risk of damaging the LCD during opening. Additionally, there are "gobs of adhesive", which hold the components inside resulting in more difficult repairs.

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