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Blackberry Makes the Move to Android with Two Mid-range Phones Launching Later this year

If you are among those that loved the Blackberry Priv but couldn't get it because of the $700 price, well its time to rejoice as it seems blackberry isnt done with the Android bandwagon yet. According to Blackberry's CEO John Chen, the company is planning on launching two mid-range Android phones this year. One of the will have a keyboard and the other one will be completely touchscreen - kind of like they are separating the Priv into two smaller affordable phones.

Chen reiterated their commitment to security by saying that Blackberry is the only company who really secure Android and that they want to bring the security features that everyone knows Blackberry for to more reachable markets. He also mentioned a price tag of $400 which would be welcomed discount from the $699 price of the Priv.

Chen also said that no new devices will be launched with the BB10 OS but the company would still support it which is not surprising cos millions of people are using.

Hopefully the two upcoming android devices will bring Blackberry back to it's glorious days or else its mobile division would be in deep trouble.


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