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PS4 Finally Getting Two-Factor Authentication

PlayStation is set to implement a new two-step authentication feature which should hopefully prevent any future hacks, service outages and overall security failings with Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) service. The news was confirmed to Polygon by a Sony representative after several users noticed some mentions of the feature in the PS3's most recent 4.80 firmware update.
According to Sony, details would be provided soon, but the company haven't set an official date on when two-factor authentication will arrive. You might think you don't know what two-factor authentication is, but there's a good chance you've encountered it while using online services before. The feature is commonplace these days and used by a majority of websites that handle extremely sensitive information such as credit cards, emails, addresses and more. Effectively it requires that all users set up a secondary means of logging in on top of the standard username/password combination. The second login usually takes the form of a one-time code that can be sent to your phone, adding an additional layer of security as any would be hackers would require both your login details and your mobile to have any severe impact on your account.

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