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Surface RT Might Be Getting a Windows 10 Mobile Port

There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for disappointed Windows RT users who where left behind when Microsoft announced that Windows 10 update would be for only windows 8.1 and windows 7 users. Microsoft only released Windows RT 8.1 with Windows 10 like start menu and little else.
A quick reminder, Windows RT is the version of windows designed to run on ARM devices but it didnt catch on with OEMs for; maybe because of its limited features when compared to windows 8.1 and the fact that users prefered Windows 8 tablets to it.

But thankfully, one developer has taken to XDA-Developers to share his findings about a flaw in the Secure Boot of the first gen RT tablet from microsoft. He hopes to exploit this flaw to port Windows 10 Mobile to this device. The nature of the flaw would also enable not only the installation of Windows mobile OS but other OSes that supports ARM like Android.

For now the developer who goes by the moniker black_blob, has said the work is still progressing forward and that he has successfully ported windows 8.1 to the RT device.


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