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Asus Zenfone 3 to Launch in June says CEO

CEO of Asustek Computers; the company thats behind the well received Asus ZenFone 2 has revealed that the company is planning to launch the ZenFone 3 range of phones in June. The CEO, Jerry Shen also mentioned that three smartphones will be launch in june - Zenfone 3 Max which will take upto two-thirds of all shipments and ZenFone 3 and Zenfone 3 deluxe wil make up the remaining one-third. 

The CEO noted an important shift in chipsets - 90% of Zenfone 3s will be powered by a Qualcomm chipset and 10% by MediaTek. Asus was one of the few that used Intel chipsets, but the chip giant is rethinking its mobile strategy right now.

Ausustek will continue to focus on the mainstream segment but will also aim to penetrate into the US$260-307 segment with new products, Shen stated, adding that Asustek will also compete with Huawei and Oppo in the over US$300 segment in the China market.

The ZenFone 3 series products will be available in six countries in August, pushing up the ASP of Asustek's smartphones, Shen said, adding that sales of ZenFone 3 Max will account for nearly two-thirds of total ZenFone 3 shipments, and ZenFone 3 Deluxe and ZenFone 3 for the remaining.

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