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Blackberry Brings Video Calling BBM to Users in USA and Canada

BBM has released a beta video calling mode for users in Canada and USA. The feature is already available in the latest version of BBM on android while iOS users are expected to get their own soon. According to BBM blog,  U.S. and Canadian BBM users will be able to enjoy cross-platform video calling with each other with a new prompt asking you if you want to make voice or video call  when you tap the call icon in the app.

For android users, they have to be on Android version 4.4 and above while iOS users heed to have iOS version 8 or higher in other to be able to use this feature.
If you want try out this new video calling feature, know that you might encounter some annoying bugs cos according to BBM, this is their first time of trying something like this on any other platform other than Blackberry 10(BlackBerry 10 users already enjoy video calls with other BlackBerry 10 users over BBM.) and they want to monitor its performance and fix any issues that may arise before they roll out the full version later this year.

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