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How to Use Whatsapp on your PC with WhatsChrome

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app in the world mainly because its available in  almost all platforms and its easy to setup and use requiring just your mobile number. It has some great features inbuilt and now that messages sent from whatsapp is now encrypted, many people that value privacy would embrace this feature.

Technically you can use Whatsapp on your web browser, there is another easier method that doesn't require you to open your web browser and scanning the QR code on your computer whenever you want to chat on Whatsapp from your web browser.

  • Search for WhatsChrome and install it

  • Launch WhatChrome from Chrome App Launcher in your task bar

  • Scan the QR code from your whatsapp in your phone by going to settings and selecting Whatsapp web to open a QR code scanner 

And thats it you can now use whatsapp on your PC without switching to our phone whenever you get a new message.
**Note; chrome app launcher is appears on your taskbar when you install Google Chrome browser

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