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Viv, A New Virtual Assistant That's Poised to Take Over Challenge Cortana, Siri and Google Now

Viv is a new automated assistant that has been developed by Dag Kittlaus,(one of the major contributors in the creation of Apple's Siri). Kittlaus announced during TechCrunch Distrupt NY saying that Viv was designed to show the assistant as something more than Siri, Google Now, and indeed Cortana. He desribed Viv as a virtual assstant that "will breathe life into inanimate object" meaning that interactions with Viv will be almost like having a real conversation.

This deep level of accuracy is attained patly by the ability of Viv to stack queries and remember previous  answers to queries. And according to Kittlaus, instead of coding the instructions given to Viv, you are just describing what you want it to do for you. This was demonstrated in a simple weather query where Viv was able to increasinly fine-tuned answers that were bizarrly accurate with each new query. Something that has never been possible with other virtual assistants.

Viv is apparently being monitored by Google and Facebook as a potential acquisition, something Kittlaus would not be drawn on in depth. Of course, comparisons to Siri are inevitable, but also Microsoft’s Cortana has another competitor.

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