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AMD Launches VR Ready Radeon RX 480 GPU at $199

AMD has officially announced its next generation RX series of graphics cards, based on their brand new Polaris macro-architecture, and they will be the first GPUs designed with the industry leading 14nm FinFET process technology that delivers a leap jump in transistor density and performance per watt efficiency in upcoming products.

Radeon RX 480 which is the first card to be launched will be a very well balanced GPU in terms of providing enough graphical power to drive VR and AAA games at a very sweet price of $199.
It will have 36 compute units and 5 GFLOPS of performance. The base model will have 4GB GDDR5 VRAM and there will also be 8GB variants, with 256GB/s memory bandwidth and 256-bit memory bit-rate. There is also one HDMI 2.0a port and three DisplayPort 1.3 connectors with FreeSync support. The TDP of the card is 150W and it uses a single six-pin power connector.

Radeon RX 480 shows us what to expect from AMD's Polaris based GPUs as they will all be based on the latest GCN 4.0 architecture which takes advantage of FinFET's new 14nm architecture to deliver low power consumption and better performance. Some enhanced features of Polaris includes Primitive Discard Accelerator, Hardware Scheduler, Instruction Pre-Fetch, Improved, Shader Efficiency, and Memory Compression.


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