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Check Out The Upcoming Features Of WhatsApp

Is whatsapp you favourite messaging app, I know i sure use it a lot. much more than BBM and Facebook Messenger. Whatsapp is about to get a whole lot better with some features which might appeal to on users.

Leaked screenshots from an upcoming Beta update show that the app will have a bunch of new features that useres will appresciate.
 These new features include
  • Sharing music between users. Tunes stored on a phone can be shared as can Apple Music tracks but both the sender and recipient have to be subscribers of apple music. 
  • Big emoji, wondering how big emoji will be, just check out ios 10, the big emoji coming to WhatsApp will be triple the current size. 
  • And lastly' content can be posted by anyone who has a link to that particular group. However, admins will be allowed to withdraw the link if they want to close the public chat. Mentions will allow users to tag people within a chat if they are listed in their address book.

Isn't the updates just amazing?, currently this build of WhatsApp is in beta right now but should be available in the coming weeks.

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