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How To Prepare Your iDevices For iOS 10 Beta

Apple is going to announce the next version of its mobile OS early next week, on the 13 th to be exact. The update which is the beta version of iOS 10 will be made available for compatible iDevices. The software will be available immediately after the keynote speech at WWDC 2016. And so if you are an early adopter of new tech and you want to install Apples iOS 10 Beta as soon as it becomes available, here is a guideline of what and what to do in order to prepare your iDevice for a potentially hitch free experience.

  • First and foremost, you need to back up yours stuffs on either iTunes or iCloud. This is a sure way to be safe that your data are secure in care something goes wrong.

  • Make sure that your Apple Developer program membership is active else you wont be able to download the firmware on your phone. If you dont have an Apple Developer Program membership, you can enrol form this link. Know that i would cost you $99 to register but you will have access to every pre-release version of Apple's upcoming iOS.

  • Make sure your device's UDID is registered so as to avoid the headache of iOS 10 Beta failing to install.  You can only install iOS 10 beta on your device if and only if your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch’s UDID is registered with Apple. Head over to the Apple Developer Program website, sign in, head over to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, and enroll your device.

  • Download the current latest version of iOS which is iOS 9.3.2. Download the firmware file for your device so that you can downgrade your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch if for some reason the installation process fails. You do not want to end up scrambling for a firmware file later on, so please do as suggested.

  • You should also be on the latest version of iTunes just in case. although Apple may launch a beta update for iTunes that will be used to install the iOS 10 Beta.Simply launch the software update tool on your PC and check for available updates. Meanwhile Mac users can launch the Mac App Store, click on the ‘Updates’ tab and see if any update is available. 

  • Lastly you should keep your iDevices well charged before installation and do not install it on your daily driver. early builds of most OS always comes with annoying device breaking bugs. Ypu might miss your next appointment to the vet and hence cause the demise of your cat cos your phone didnt say the correct time in english. 


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