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Microsoft is Offering Students a Free Xbox One When They Buy a Surface Pro 4

Now is a good time to be a student with Microsoft offering a free Xbox one to students when they purchase a Surface Pro 4 tablet
The announcement comes a week after the company stated that it would stop production of its Surface 3 devices by year end. The student offer starts on 29th June and will run until August 14th.

This is really a big of a deal as the lowest spec Surface Pro 4 with 128GB storage, 4GB RAM and Intel Core M processor goes for $800 on Amazon and an Xbox One console can be gotten for around $300 now. So basically you will be spending $500 for one of the best windows 10 powered tablets around.

This might be a move to reduce current stocks of both surface books and Xbox One in preparation for a new device this year. Already there is a new slimmer  Xbox One S coming later this year.


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