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Nexus Devices Are Not Getting Free Form Multi Window Just Yet.

One of the interesting features introduced in Android N is multi-window support. This feature is limited in a sense as there is no free form multi window yet. A split-screen option sits apps side-by-side, so you can see more than one at once. But if you want to resize and drag windows like you would on a PC, it can be done, but it takes a bit more work.

Android Developer Advocate Ian Lake has stated that they won't be enabled on any Nexus devices. Even Pixel C won't get any love either. He also said that the APIs are public and accessible, so manufacturers can choose to enable the feature if they wish.

Samsung has a similar features in their Flagship series and other OEMs will surely use this featue to the fullest in their devices while giving it some weird marketing branding. All hope is not lost hough as i'm  pretty sure this feature will find its way into custom rom versions of Android N for Nexus devices.


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