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Opera Brings Native AdBlocker to It's Mobile Browser

AdBlocker is a very essential feature in a Web browser, this is the part where you ask why???. AdBlock allows users to prevent page elements, such as advertisements, from being displayed because ads can get on someone's nerves at times.

As the number of people using ad blocker shot up 90% last year to 419 million. Opera announced it will be bringing ad blockers to its mobile version of its Web browsers.

The update should be available on your respective stores by now. If you have updated, to activate the ad blocker on Android, tap on the "O" menu in the browser, then go to Settings > data savings  and tap the "Block ads" box. To do the same for Opera Mini for iOS, go to the "O" menu and activate the ad blocker. It is also available in the Opera Turbo savings mode. Just toggle the "block ads" switch to on. If you have Opera Mini for Windows Phone, go to the "O" menu, click on Settings and then on "block ads."

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