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Upcoming Apple Watch Could Feature Facetime Camera

Despite rumours that Apple may unveil a smartwatch sequel at its recent WWDC event in San Francisco, the only concrete info pertainigt to Apple Watch was the unveiling of watchOS 3 – which will hit devicces in a couple of months.

New information by means of a patent have turned up detailing the possible use of a camera in future Apple Watch models. The camera may be positioned on the front surface of the watch to capture images of the user in a manner nit unlike front cameras of smartphones.

“A compact digital camera that includes an image sensor such as a CMOS sensor and optical components (e.g. lenses) arranged to focus an image onto the image sensor, along with control logic operable to use the imaging components to capture and  store still and/or video images.” reads the patent uncovered by Patently Apple

This feature is not new in smart wearables as Samsung has been using cameras in its Gear range of smartwatches but it will be a nice adition to Apple Watch - think of how cool it is if you can Facetime with just your iWatch.

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