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You Can Now Run Android TV on Your PC

Android TV Google's version of Android OS made specially for smart TVs and set top boxes. Only difference is its custom user interface designed to be easy to navigate using a remote control and big screen TV and it supports apps with similar features.

So if you feel that you want the experience of Android TV without splurging on a new TV, you can install an unofficial version of Android TV on just about any PC.

Developer Geek Till It Hertz has been working on a modified version of Android-x86 that includes Google’s Leanback Launcher and some other Android TV apps, and says that in Build 2 of the operating system, almost everything works.

The user interface works, WiFi works, and you won’t see tablet-style Android buttons at the bottom of the screen or a navigation bar at the time. Android TV-style settings are also now accessible.

Keep in mind, this is unofficial software… and it’s also still a little rough around the edges. But you can install it on a computer pretty much the same way you would install Ubuntu or another Linux distribution, which makes it easy to give Android TV a try.

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