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Image Showing Always-on Display for Galaxy Note 7 Leaks

There has been a lot of leaks concerning the Galaxy Note 7 these past few days. And at this point we feel like we actually know what the Note 7 will feel like when it launches next month.
The only things missing from those leaks are some of the software enhancements over previous gen Note flagships.

Well we can add Always-on display to the list of features as an image that leaked today supposedly showed what Always-on display will look like on a Note 7 prototype. Samsung introduced the Always-on display feature in the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. And it will be odd if they didn't include it in the Note

The image clearly showed an unfinished product as the unit seems pretty rough in terms of design finish.
The camera/IR sensor for the iris scanning setup seem to be in place under the two openings on the top right, which led us to believe that a Note 7 test bed shown here, with the power-grabbing always-on display in a working state.

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